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The Shuttle Dashboard Jobs Pane

Data Transfer Jobs: Jobs Pane on the Shuttle Dashboard

The Jobs pane, in the upper left corner of the dashboard, has several functions to enable you to handle large numbers of jobs:

    1. Multi job select and edit
    2. Tags
    3. Search and filter options
    4. Display job history details

Using these options effectively will enable you to manage dozens or even hundreds of jobs efficiently.

Multi Job Select and Edit

Multi job select and edit enables you to select several jobs and then edit them all at the same time.

1: Select the Edit button at the top of the Jobs pane.

2: Checkboxes will appear beside each job, so that you can select several jobs, and then apply an action to all of them at once.

3: If you want to add Tags to multiple jobs, select View Tags from the menu to enable them.

3: You can Delete, Tag, or Comment on multiple jobs at once.

For additional information on tags, see Tags.

Job Details

1: Job details provides a summary of data stats for all runs of the job. To display job details, select it from the menu:

2: You will see the total bytes and files transferred for all runs, plus the total number of runs (map gen, simulation and transfer) for the job :

3: To turn off Show Job Details, simply toggle it off from the Data Transfer Jobs menu.

Updated on July 7, 2021

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