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Running a Job

You can run jobs in several different modes:

  • For non account mapping jobs, you can run Analysis (Analysis option required), Simulation and Transfer jobs.
  • For account mapping jobs, the choices are greater, and described below. The buttons on the dashboard are context sensitive and will assist you in selecting the right run type, but you have the option to run just about any run type by going into the map flow wizard.  Note that Data Only/Apply ACL is an option that you explicitly set on the Run screen of the map flow wizard, and it is stored in the job configuration until you change it.
  • Because many mid size and large migrations prefer to initially transfer the data over to the target with no shares, and then apply the shares in the final steps before cutover to the new cloud service provider, the APM Wizard now provides two options for running your job: Data Only will transfer only the data but not the shares, while Apply ACL will transfer both data and any shares configured in the Paths tab of your spreadsheet.

Running an APM Job

1: Once you have fully configured the source, target, files and map settings for your account mapping job, the next step in the process is to generate a map that will scan the source and target for the actual data, and for ownership and sharing (if this option has been selected) of the folders and files. You can click the Generate button in the Define Map screen of the APM Wizard:

or you can click the Generate button on the dashboard to start generation of a map.

NOTE:  Rescan Target Accounts/Groups and Regenerate Map are disabled in the screen capture above because they are not applicable until after a map has generated.  See Account and Permissions Spreadsheet Editing for information on the Rescan Target Accounts/Groups button, and see Account Mapping – Trimming Large Spreadsheets for information on the Regenerate button.

2: Once you have generated the map and a validated map is uploaded, Shuttle recommends running a simulation from the Simulate screen of the APM Wizard.  You can also click the Run Simulation button in the job metrics balloon on the dashboard.

3: If you are happy with the results of the Simulation, you’re ready to run your job and will have the following options in the Run page of the APM Wizard:

A: If you have elected to run a mapping with sharing, you will have two different buttons on the Run page:

  • Data Only will transfer the data, but will NOT transfer the ACLs, or shares, for your data. So even if you have shares listed in the Paths tab of your spreadsheet, running the job will not apply the shares.
  • Apply ACL will transfer the data AND apply ACLs.

B: Whatever option you select on this page will be reflected in the dashboard.

C: NOTE:  If you have elected to transfer ownership only of your data in the map settings of your job (and no shares), there won’t be any ACLs listed in the spreadsheet generated by Shuttle.  So unless you manually add shares to the spreadsheet, there will be no difference between a Data Only and Apply ACL run.

Running a Non APM Job

  1. From the Dashboard, select the Transfer button for the job you want to run. You will see events post to the Events Log as the job validates, starts, and completes.
  2. When the job posts as completed, your data has transferred successfully.

Clearing the Error from an Invalid Job

Sometimes the source or target of a job will become invalid. This commonly happens if the Shuttle Windows app powers down due to a computer shutdown or logout.

1: If the error is due to a Windows app shutdown, re-start the Windows app by double clicking on the Shuttle shortcut. The shortcut will be on the computer desktop where the app is installed. The app may be installed on your server rather than your personal computer if that is the data you are trying to transfer.

2: When the POP circle for the Windows app has turned blue in the Shuttle dashboard, click directly on the name for the invalid job. Select the Check Again button to clear the error.

3: If the Invalid tag disappears, you can now select the Transfer button to run your job.  It it doesn’t disappear, contact shuttle-support@box.com.

Job Statuses

Eventually, every job will end, and when it does, it will have one of these statuses:

  • A status of Complete indicates all of the data selected for transfer on the source arrived successfully at the destination.  Note that if any data was added or updated on the source during the migration, it may not have been transferred.  You can re-run the job by clicking the Transfer button to transfer over any new files.
  • A status of Complete with n errors means that your job completed – it wasn’t stopped and it didn’t fail – but there were errors, and not all of the data transferred to the target. Review the Event Log and Transferred Files in Job History to get more information on these errors.
  • A status of Incomplete indicates that some files did not transfer over due to an error.  Some errors, such as breaks in communications, are transient, and the affected files can be transferred over in a subsequent run of the job.  Other errors, including most permissions errors, require user intervention before the file can be transferred.  The Event Log page has information on file errors and how to resolve them.
  • A status of Failed indicates there was an error in the job itself.  No damage or incomplete transmission ever occurs to any of your files on either the source or the target in these situations.  Contact shuttle-support@box.com for assistance on why your job failed.
Updated on July 7, 2021

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