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Data Transfer Jobs Overview

Transfer jobs are set up to migrate your data from one point to another. You must have two connected systems before you can run a job.  Job configuration runs in two different flows, depending on whether you have account and permissions mapping (APM) in your CFP account. If you create an APM job, you will be guided through a step-by-step wizard in the web app.

Creating a Transfer Job

1. From the Dashboard, select the New Job button. The New Job modal window displays. Enter a name for your job in the Job Name field, select the second radio button (“I want to transfer the data. I will handle ownership and permissions myself.”), and click the OK button.

2. If you don’t have any systems, create them by selecting the New System button in the lower left corner of your screen:

When you select the New System button, the details for configuration of your system will display on the right side of the screen. Select the Type you want from the dropdown and consult the Systems documentation for additional information.

3. Select the system you want for your source — where your data is currently located — and drag it up and to the left side of the window. When the Source box displays, drop the source system into it. Only connected (green) systems may be used to create jobs.

4: Drag the target system up and slightly to the right of the source system. When the Target box displays, drop the target system into it.

5: The source and/or target systems may turn orange because once the job is set up. If this happens, you need to go back and add more information, such as selecting the file(s) to be transferred and the folders where the data should be saved. You’ll do this configuration in the following section.

Configuring Your Source and Target Systems (Nodes)

Depending on the types of systems you have selected for your job, you may need to complete additional fields for your Source and Target Systems. The main fields are listed below; information on additional fields is available in Advanced Fields.

SOURCE ACCOUNT LIST:  Open the account chooser by selecting the ellipses (…) on the right side of the field. You may select one or more accounts. If you select just one account, you must also specify data to transfer from that selected account with the Source Object Name or Source Folder/File Name field.  You can use <Shift><Click> and <Ctrl><Click> to select multiple accounts.

SOURCE FILES AND FOLDERS: Open the file chooser by selecting the ellipses (…) on the right side of the field:

The file chooser window will open:

Once the file chooser is open, you may use <Shift><Click> to select a contiguous range of files and folders at a given directory level.  You can use <Ctrl><Click> to multi select non-contiguous files and folders within a directory level.  Be aware of any constraints on file number or size conferred by your cloud service provider or network when you select the file(s) for transfer.

To select files and directories from other levels, click the OK button to close the first instance of the file chooser and then use the add (+) button next to the file chooser field to add another instance of the file chooser:

NOTE:  CFP will not transfer data from, or to, cloud trash folders.  This includes archived Team Folders on Dropbox.  Most cloud providers will allow you to move data out of the trash to the main account space; archived Team Folders may be restored to full Team Folder status, at which point they can be used like any other Team Folder.

USE SHAREFILE SHARED FOLDER Select this option if you want to access a shared folder in your ShareFile account. Shared Folders are in a separate tab from My Files & Folders in your ShareFile account:

You must select this checkbox before configuring the Destination Folder to ensure that your files go to the Shared Folder.

TARGET ACCOUNT NAME, TARGET TEAM MEMBER:  Enter the account that you want to transfer your files to on the target. NOTE:  You must leave this field blank if you are running account mapping. In account mapping, all account routing is done through the spreadsheet.

DESTINATION FOLDER  Click on the ellipses (…) next to the field to launch the file chooser.

If you want to put your files into a new directory, select the New Directory button to add a directory:

If you want to put your files into an existing directory, select it from the file chooser.

If you want to put your files into the root, either don’t select anything, or, if you have previously selected and saved a directory and wish to clear that selection so you can send your data to the root, click the Root button. The Root button is just to the right of the New Directory button at the bottom of the modal.  [NOTE: Files cannot be transferred to the root of the Shared tab in ShareFile. They must be transferred to a folder.] Click OK to save and close the file chooser.

Updated on April 3, 2020

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