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Analysis Job

Creating a New Analysis Job

1: From the Dashboard, select the New Job button. The New Job modal window displays. Enter a name for your job in the Job Name field, select the first radio button (“I want to analyze my data without transferring it.”), and click the OK button.

2: You select an existing system from the top systems dropdown, or create a new one from the lower dropdown:

3. If you are creating a new system, select a POP for it and enter your credentials for the cloud service account. If you are creating a Windows system, you will not need to enter credentials.

4. Once you have a valid system selected, you can select the actual data – the accounts and directories – on the right side of your screen. If you select more than one account, the Select Directory button will disappear.

5. At the right side of your screen is a link for Advanced Fields. Depending on the system selected, you can configure your analysis job with specialized settings.

6. To run your job, return to the dashboard and click the Analyze button that appears next to your job name in the Jobs pane.

Updated on April 3, 2020

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