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Two-Factor Authentication

2FA is an excellent way to safeguard your CFP credentials, and the data that is in your account. The most common – and anguishing – issue with 2FA is when people purchase a new phone and discontinue the old one before they have set up 2FA for the new one. At that point, they are locked out of their accounts. Instructions are listed below for clearing 2FA from your account if this happens, but remember in advance that you will need to update this when replacing the phone or other device where your 2FA app resides.

If you have the Two-Factor Authentication feature in your CFP account, you’ll see an Enable Two-Factor Authentication button at the bottom of your User Settings screen. Click the button and you’ll see a QR code:

Scan it with a 2FA scanner such as Google Authenticator, available as a free download for your phone.  The 2fa scanner will give you a six-digit code, which you should enter in the Code field, with no space.

Click Enable Two-Factor Authentication again, and your configuration in complete.

Logging in to your CFP account with 2FA:  Log in to your CFP account with your normal username and password. You will be prompted once every 24 hours to enter an additional CFA code, which you can get from the 2FA app you used to initiate your 2FA account.

Registering a Windows app with 2FA: if you have not entered your 2FA in the past 24 hours, you will need to enter the 2FA code in the Email field of the Registration box when you register the Windows app for your account.  The format for that is:

username@company.com code 123456

where ‘123456’ is your current 2FA code.

Disabling Two-Factor Authentication:  Go to the User Settings tab and, if you currently have Two-Factor Authentication enabled, click the Disable Two-Factor Authentication button. This will end two-factor authentication for this account.

Disabling Two-Factor Authentication After You have Logged Out of Your Account:  Call 1-877-TERVELA and leave a message for accounting that states:

  • Company Name
  • Email for the user who needs 2FA lifted
  • Last 4 digits of the credit card used to pay for the subscription, or the purchase order number used when the subscription was purchased.

Tervela takes requests to remove 2FA security seriously, so this request may take longer than most support requests. Once we’ve disabled 2FA from your account, you can log in and set up 2FA for the new device.

Updated on February 5, 2020

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