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Account and Permissions Spreadsheet: Path Conflicts tab

The Path Conflicts tab lists all shares on the source that are incompatible with the target.  This may include:

  1. file sharing
  2. nested sharing
  3. reduced sharing
The default action by CFP in many of these instances is to set Skip? to Yes.  If you want to transfer these files and folders, you will need to resolve the conflicts and delete the Yes from the Skip? column.  The primary reason for each conflict is listed in the Information column.  Note that CFP will attempt to apply all directives in the Path Conflicts tab, so if the conflicts are not resolved, the run will fail in most cases.
If you edit the Conflicts tab to remove conflicting shares and upload it, those lines of the spreadsheet will move over to the Paths tab when the spreadsheet is validated, and will appear in the Paths tab of any Errors spreadsheet.
Additional information on the Path Conflicts tab is available at Account Mapping – Trimming Large Spreadsheets.
Updated on January 27, 2021

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