1. Adapters Overview

Adapters Overview

Adapter Directory

Configuring CFP Systems

Most CFP systems have the following fields:

TYPE:  Select the type of system you want to configure from the dropdown.

NICKNAME:  Enter a meaningful name for your system. It is sometimes helpful to give your system a name that references both the POP and the system type. For example, if the system is an Amazon S3 Filesystem whose parent POP’s name is EC2-POP, you may want to name your system EC2-POP_S3. The Nickname is for your informational purposes only; Cloud FastPath generates a unique ID number in the background that it uses to handle all of your system’s transactions.

POINT OF PRESENCE:  Select the parent POP for your system. Be aware that some systems only work with specific POPs. Consult the link for your system below for details.  Note that this field is only configurable in the Jobs modal window after selecting New Job from the Cloud FastPath Dashboard. Otherwise, this field will display the POP listed at the top of the window, and the field won’t be editable.

CLICK HERE TO LOG IN / SWITCH ACCOUNTS BUTTON:  Use this button to enter the login credentials for your cloud provider. This authorizes CFP to transfer files to or from that cloud provider. Box (Admin) systems enable you to enter up to four sets of user credentials, for extra performance.  Note:  If you arrive at the screen where you are asked to allow access to your account, you may find a set of credentials already cached. If this is not the set of credentials you want to use, some providers will allow you to log out/back in with new credentials on the allow access page. Otherwise, create a new tab in your browser and log into your cloud provider’s account to cache the new set of credentials.

For information on fields specific to the system you are configuring, select one of the CFP systems in the box at the top of this page.

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